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The flamethrowing converted monitor with bow mounted flamethrowers and napalm tanks provided a means of clearing the dense growth near river banks where Charlie was prone to ambush our boats or support ships.  Of course, the boats were also used as fire power (and how) in operations with other boats.  Where larger areas of growth needed burning such as the south bank of the My Tho river near Dong Tam, air strikes were called in and jets bombed the area with napalm.  Quite a fire resulted.. and no, there wasn't an environmental impact report.  In most cases, however, we relied on the Zippo to clear the banks.  The term Zippo referred to the Zippo cigarette lighter, a smoker's standard piece of equipment, used on many occasions to light the napalm when the igniter wouldn't.  Those guys that manned these flamethrowers never had hair on their arms.

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John Wayne photo op again:

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This boat gave new meaning to the term "fire fight."

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