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Designs of 1967 Vietnam Era Boats

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Source 1

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Source 2

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Armored Troop Carrier

atc1967a.jpg (94894 bytes)

Armored Troop Carrier (Page 2)

atc1967b.jpg (62170 bytes)

Assault Support Patrol Boat

aspb1967.jpg (87753 bytes)

Command & Communications Boat

ccb1967.jpg (102213 bytes)


Monitor1967.jpg (86868 bytes)

Patrol Boat, River Mark I (PBR)

PBRMkI1967.jpg (68990 bytes)

Patrol Boat, River Mark II (PBR)

PBRMkII1967.jpg (63320 bytes)

Patrol Craft, Fast Mark I (Swift Boat)

PCFMkI1967.jpg (84869 bytes)

Patrol Craft, Fast Mark II (Swift Boat)

PCFMkII1967.jpg (84151 bytes)

Monitor, Flamethrower (Zippo)

This design came after 1967.  The first boats to use a flamethrower were Armored Troop Carriers outfitted with an Army flamethrowing APC in the well deck. Later, dedicated designs used the Monitor boat type and installed compressed air and napalm tanks for flamethrowers mounted on both sides of the bow.

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